Hike To The Mic 2021

August 21th & 22th 2021

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Presented by: The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc.

The Hike To The Mic
Music and Arts Happening
Is A Donation Sponsored Event.

2021 Band Line Up!

Will Evans

In his live performances, Will displays a technical mastery of live-looping skills to showcase his background in percussion mixed with layers of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals.

Altas Grey

Atlas Gray is an all-original band driven by soulful songs that tell powerful stories.  The members of Atlas Gray are dedicated to connecting with their audiences through their songs and constantly evolving musically.  

One Time Weekend

One Time Weekend has made an impact as one of the youngest talents in the Connecticut music scene and is quickly on its way to spreading its original material around the world. The fans love their music for its danceable and story-telling qualities, as well as its composition and creativity. 

Among The Acres

“Among the Acres” is an Indie/Americana/Rock Quartet based out of Hartford, CT that fuses an eclectic range of influences into a sound defined by cascading vocal harmonies, intricate string melodies, and an insatiable desire for “groove”. They deliver powerful live performances, marked by a dynamic spectrum of style, emotion, and sound.

Auburn Mode

Auburn Mode is a cornerstone of Hartford, CT’s music scene. With influences as diverse as the list of local acts they support, their music ranges from poignant and evocative to light and whimsical…an original fusion of progressive and energetic folk-pop!re.

KC Sisters

Featured on season 1 of Nickelodeon’s brand new show “America’s Most Musical Family”, Connecticut based five-some the KC Sisters – ranging in age from 16-22 – stir up an explosive Americana flavored vocal/instrumental mix of country, R&B, gospel, and more.

The Kais & Dollz

What happens when four talented buddies don’t watch TV or surf the internet? They form a band and start writing music! Meghan Jessica, Rowan Kai, Jaden Kai, and Ella Marie, a.k.a., “The Kais and Dollz”, love to play originals and cover songs at private parties, fundraising events, school events, festivals, and local establishments.


Winkler is a Boston based, rock and roll band with music ranging from songs about Haribo Gummies, to songs about the Fonz himself. This DIY band got their start playing house shows in the Boston area, and is continuing to work on putting out EPs, music videos, and more during this hiatus of shows. Music is streaming on all services, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple music. 

Cori + The Music

An emotive singer-songwriter-pianist with a sensual and sultry edge, Cori aims to take audiences on a journey and move them with stories, soul, and nostalgic sounds. Based bicoastally between New England and SoCal, she has played stages big and small as both a solo artist and with her 8 piece backing band- The Music. 

Featured Artist: Corey Pane

Corey Pane is an artist from Connecticut. He has always been interested in art and the creative side of life since he was a child. He was always drawing as a kid, and as he grew up, he stopped for a while to try to get into other things like music, playing guitar or drums. Always keeping drawing and visual arts on the back burner, he abruptly moved back to drawing again. “Like any artist, it is just something inside me that I need to get out, no matter what kind of creative form that involves, whether it be visual art, music, film, poetry, etc.” he explains. He thinks it is good for any artist to switch there creative drive towards a different art form every once in a while and broaden your artistic range. He likes to spread himself out and not get trapped in one spot, being labeled as a certain type of artist. Corey views his work as being more abstract and expressive in its technique, even though it may not always look that way. His main focus is not to achieve photo-realism, but to show expression and to tell a story that evokes a certain emotion or feeling. Corey attacks his paintings with a very quick approach. Most of his paintings come together spontaneously and automatically. Corey has a certain direction or idea he sets out to capture, but likes to let his paintings work and create themselves at the same time, while he helps to guide them in certain directions. Letting it come together how ever it may be meant to happen.


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Access, Parking & Directions

The Heublein Tower and the Hike to the Mic event will be accessible only on foot through the Talcott Mountain State Park. The Park closes at sunset.

There are three locations to park and carpooling is recommended.

Simsbury Parking

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TALCOTT MOUTAIN STATE PARK: Summit Drive, Simsbury, CT 06092

PENWOOD STATE PARK: 560 Simsbury Road Bloomfield, CT 06002

West Hartford Parking

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MDC Reservoir Number 6: Route 44, West Hartford CT 06117

Alternate Parking

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The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc – Mission Statement

The Heublein Tower in Talcott Mountain State Park educates the visiting public about the natural beauty and rich history of Connecticut. An architectural landmark since 1914, the Tower provides a unique destination for recreational and educational opportunities, and a 360 degree “royal view” into Connecticut’s past, its present, and future. The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc., a non-profit community-based organization formed in 1984, supports and assists the State of Connecticut by restoring, improving, and interpreting the Heublein Tower and its surrounding grounds. The restored Tower serves as a museum and a place of learning, gathering, and exploration for the enlightenment and social benefit of those who visit.