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Presented by: The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc.

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August 21th & 22th 2021

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‘Hike To The Mic Festival’ is a Donation Sponsored Event.
All proceeds go to Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc., a non-profit preservation society, established in 1984, for the purpose of restoring for public use the state-owned Heublein Tower landmark to its original and authentic 1914 splendor.

It is our hope that you come with your family and friends and enjoy the great food, spectacular music, incredible hiking and awe inspiring views during our next event.

Please give generously to help preserve this majestic architectural landmark for generations to come.

Thank you!

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2021's Band Line Up!


Will Evans

Will Evans has spent the last decade as the primary songwriter, drummer, and frontman for the Roots Rock outfit Barefoot Truth. The band released four full-length albums and has surpassed over 20 million plays on Spotify.

Will has shared the stage with many top artists including Crosby and Nash, Grace Potter, Bruce Hornsby, Rusted Root, Trevor Hall, Nahko, Xavier Rudd, Donavon Frankenreiter, Railroad Earth, and members of Dispatch. You can catch him live as part of Trevor Hall’s touring band, or on many solo tours throughout the year.

Featured Artist: Corey Pane

Corey Pane is an artist from Connecticut. He has always been interested in art and the creative side of life since he was a child. He was always drawing as a kid, and as he grew up, he stopped for a while to try to get into other things like music, playing guitar or drums. Always keeping drawing and visual arts on the back burner, he abruptly moved back to drawing again. “Like any artist, it is just something inside me that I need to get out, no matter what kind of creative form that involves, whether it be visual art, music, film, poetry, etc.” he explains. He thinks it is good for any artist to switch there creative drive towards a different art form every once in a while and broaden your artistic range. He likes to spread himself out and not get trapped in one spot, being labeled as a certain type of artist. Corey views his work as being more abstract and expressive in its technique, even though it may not always look that way. His main focus is not to achieve photo-realism, but to show expression and to tell a story that evokes a certain emotion or feeling. Corey attacks his paintings with a very quick approach. Most of his paintings come together spontaneously and automatically. Corey has a certain direction or idea he sets out to capture, but likes to let his paintings work and create themselves at the same time, while he helps to guide them in certain directions. Letting it come together how ever it may be meant to happen.

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Case & Case, P.C.

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Food Vendors


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    Access, Parking & Directions

    The Heublein Tower and the Hike to the Mic event will be accessible only on foot through the Talcott Mountain State Park. The Park closes at sunset.

    There are three locations to park and carpooling is recommended.

    Simsbury Parking

    Please click name to connect to their website for further instructions.

    TALCOTT MOUTAIN STATE PARK: Summit Drive, Simsbury, CT 06092

    PENWOOD STATE PARK: 560 Simsbury Road Bloomfield, CT 06002

    West Hartford Parking

    Please click name to connect to their website for further instructions.

    MDC Reservoir Number 6: Route 44, West Hartford CT 06117

    Alternative Parking

    Talcott Mountain State Park

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    The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc – Mission Statement

    The Heublein Tower in Talcott Mountain State Park educates the visiting public about the natural beauty and rich history of Connecticut. An architectural landmark since 1914, the Tower provides a unique destination for recreational and educational opportunities, and a 360 degree “royal view” into Connecticut’s past, its present, and future. The Friends of Heublein Tower, Inc., a non-profit community based organization formed in 1984, supports and assists the State of Connecticut by restoring, improving and interpreting the Heublein Tower and its surrounding grounds. The restored Tower serves as a museum and a place of learning, gathering and exploration for the enlightenment and social benefit of those who visit.