The Decker Bandits

The Decker Bandits is a mix of original blue grassy gypsy carnival funky dance music. A mash up of old sounds blended with a fresh new mix, this dynamic quartet is equiped with soaring solos, furious rhythms, and beats that will make you move. Along with their catchy choruses the Bandits play unique melodies with great harmonies. The band consists of guitar, mandolin, bass, and drums. The group performs a great catalog of unique originals while also throwing in the occasional crowd pleasing cover songs. You can see and feel the joy these musicians have while performing together in a well seasoned line-up of experience musicians pushing the notes to another level. There is a genuine feel of excitement as they rip through technical parts and settle in to jam together while shaping this raw new sound always pushing the boundaries of new music. Although fairly new on the scene the Decker Bandits are gaining a quick reputation as a great act putting on stunning performances and always striving to be different while keeping a great vibe.